Personal addition #12 tattoo?

I’ve always considered getting a tattoo once I’m 18. Nothing big and colourful, just a simple word or a sentence written in a fancy script in black ink. When I think about getting a tattoo, I always get a little nervous, because it’s a permanent decision and what if I grow to hate it. What if my friends hate it, what if the tattoo artist misspells a word. That shit is serious. I’m not the best with commitment. I’m guessing if I’m this on the fence about it, I should probably hold off for a few years before I actually get it 


One thought on “Personal addition #12 tattoo?

  1. Reblogged this on jenessaclark and commented:
    I have always wanted to get a tattoo when I became a little bit older as well if I found a design that had meaning to me. I think when I am in my early twenties I will finally have the confidence to get one. Right now I am thinking about getting a bar of music from a song that is special to me on the top of my foot. I like the idea of using a bar of music from one of the dances my team has competed in the past that holds a special place in my heart. I also want it on my foot because feet are the best representation of dance. Getting a tattoo is definitely a large commitment, I would want to be sure about what I was getting before I got it permanently on my skin.


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