Where do you go when you’ve got nothing tying you to your life? I don’t necessarily mean where do you physically go, I’m focusing more on the mental aspect of leaving. Do you forget the people you leave behind? Could it ever be that easy? Do you find peace in your soul, when you escape to a better place? Or is there just a vast nothingness that also brings clarity? These thoughts shouldn’t be considered concerning. I’ve just spent a lot of time thinking about life and death. Or to be more specific, the brief moments inbetween. The moment when your spirit is inbetween worlds, tearing the veil. Is it like walking down a hallway with doors leading to different realms (to be perfectly candid, I got that idea from Beatlejuice, however it still makes me wonder.) I like the idea that a soul is never put to rest, that we just live another life after one ends. Reincarnation. Past lives that you can’t remember, but they shaped who you are today. Like each life was building on for the next. It’s an intriguing idea, but also one that can never really be proved. Truth is, no one knows what happens after death. Sure, religions claim to have an idea. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, nothingness…but boiled down, those are all just a shot in the dark.

If our afterlife is so unknown, then why do we fear death.? Who knows, maybe this is a version of an afterlife, and we all just accept it to be real life. Why do we need to have such concrete beliefs. How can we be so stubborn? It’s the same stubbornness that makes people deny the existence or ghosts, or aliens. How can anyone be so arrogant/ignorant to think our world and our dimension is the only thing out there? 

Ugh, why is life so confusing? This is all I have been doing lately. Contemplating everything I’ve been told to accept as truth. It’s annoying. Part of me hates that I feel a need to think differently. No one “normal” spends their downtime wondering what is happening in an alternate dimension. I blame media. That’s a lie. Media actually affirms my beliefs that possibilities are endless. I think that’s the reason I’m studying to be a director. To help showcase the unimaginable. To give people questions that will never have an answer and torment them to think up possibilities. Kinda sadistic, but true. I don’t even know where I’m going with this anymore. To be fair, it’s 3 am and I have a cold, so I’m probably just delirious. I will however end this with a question. 

What are the thoughts that overtake your mind at night?


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