My original bucket list from 2013

1)Stay up for 48 hours

2)Have shopping cart races in Walmart

3)Jump in a pool with all my clothes 

4)Play hide and seek at midnight

5)Ghost Hunt In an abandoned house

6)Spend a whole day speaking with an accent

7)Find a grad dress I love

8)Have a scary movie marathon

9)Smash a watermelon with a baseball bat
10)Sneak Out of the house

11)Get a completely new look

12)Play an epic game of Grounders

13)Cover someones car with sticky notes

14)Switch places with my friend for a day

15)Go to the beach and watch the sunrise

16)Throw a backyard party/bonfire

17)Throw a cabin party 

18)Try Melted Crayon Art

19)Succeed at baking or cooking a complicated recipe

20)Make spaghetti tacos
21)play a sport rugby in Ireland

22)Finish a game of Monopoly

23)Play paint twister

24)build a huge blanket fort
25)Go to a Midnight movie premier
26)dip dye my hair…maybe 

27)Have a food fight

28)Play lazer tag

29)Compete in a paint ball tournament 

30)Paint a wall with paint and water balloons 

31)Leave notes in library books for the next person to find
32)Stay outside for 12 hours straight

33)Go fishing.

34)Sleep in my backyard.

35)Convince someone I’m from a foreign country
36)Eat a whole pizza

37)Sit up till 2am counting stars

38)Have A Spa Day.

39)Watch Disney movies all day

40)Cover my whole body in temp tattoos
41)Make lemonade. From scratch 

42)Go to a theme park.

43)Prank someone and film it

44)Go to an aquarium

45)Play hide and seek in Walmart

46)Go to a water park
47)Send a message in a bottle

48)Start a vlog

49)Say yes to everything for a day

50)Watch the sunrise in Victoria 

51)Skip stones at a lake in British Columbia.

52)Go camping in an odd area to camp
53)watch a new show

54)Learn to do a handstand.

55)Buy a new camera

56)Go to London

57)Go to Ireland

58)Go to Greece 
59)Go to Australia 
60)Graduate high school 
61)Get accepted into university 
62)Buy a car

63)Witness the birth of a child

64)Go to an Ed Sheeran concert

65)Meet Ed Sheeran 
66)Get into a film program 

67)Become a director 

68)Become an actress

69)Write a book 

70)Write a screen play 

71)Meet Jake and Amir

72)Be on a podcast

73)Get 100% on a math exam

74)Dress up really fancy and go to a diner

75)Spend St Patrick’s day in Boston 

76)Be on a tv show 

77)Be in a movie 


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