Personal addition #28 my possibly broken bone. 

  Well I survived a whole rugby season just to wind up possibly breaking my foot from standing up. I was sitting on my bed with my legs crossed while I was studying for my math exam. I hadn’t noticed that my legs had completely fallen asleep. When I stood up to go get water, I didn’t notice or feel that my foot was positioned weirdly on the floor. So I went to walk, and I heard a loud snap. So loud my sister was like “did you drop something?”. Now since my foot was numb, I didn’t feel it at first, then I started to realize I couldn’t walk on it, or put pressure on it. So here I am still waiting in the hospital to be X-rayed. I really hope it’s not broken. I already bought my grad shoes, and I don’t feel like sporting a cast and crutches while I walk across the stage at graduation. FML.


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