Personal addition #25 A short story. Titled: Play

    The boy dressed in blue sat on his schools stairs while strumming a guitar. A girl in a red plaid hoodie sat beside him.

“Hey.” she said as she took a seat next to him. 

“Sup?” He asked while continuing to look down at his instrument.

“Could I try?” She asked. 

“Sure, careful, it can slip off your knee, and the strings are pretty old.” He said in an effort to acquaint her with the instrument. 

She grabbed the guitar and started strumming a well known tune. 

“So what songs were you playing?” She asked while positioning her hands. 

“I just improvise.” He replied

“So you jump from song to song?” She asked. She switched chords and continued her melody. 

“I don’t know most songs all the way through, I just play for myself.” He confessed. He turned to lift the guitar out of her hands.

 “Watch.” He started playing “good riddance” by green day, and effortlessly shifted to “let it be” by the Beatles. 

“It’s like one big mash up. Check this out.” He played an open string that easily transitioned to a covered one. 

“Can you show me that?” She asked. Curious to how he executed the transition with such control.

“Yeah look, You hold your finger on top of the string so lightly that it sounds open, then you just push down slowly.”

“Cool, can I try?”she asked.

“Yeah, here.” He put the guitar back on her lap. She positioned her hands and concentrated on the strings. She played the chord. The note came out in a screeching buzz. It sounded nothing like his. She could tell.

 “fuck!” She muttered.

“It’s fine it took me a while, you’ll get it.” He assured. He then placed his hands on hers and brought her through the motion. Her lower hand moved slowly across the strings. The note rang out in a perfect transition. A moment of happiness surrounded them.

“See, easy right?” He asked through a smile.

“Piece of cake.” She said as she turned her head. She caught his gaze. She looked down with a smile. She handed his guitar back to him, and said one simple sentence that held so much affection it wasn’t even subtle.

 “Play for me.”


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