setting #1) No place for silence in this wide upbeat room. The sound of cheerful screams cuts through my ears. The thumping baseline of pumped up music covers every inch of the surface. Large white walls with inspirational words, towers over the students at play. Recreational tools of sport bounce across the ground sending people running after them. A positive feel covers the people who are enjoying their time. The faint smell of masking deodorant lingers in the stale, hot air. Students wear breathable fabrics and shorts in order to take part. Teachers stand in tracksuits wearing smirks and whistles.

Setting #2) The hollow echo of the empty room. A faint smell of cooked food remains. The rustling of plastic as the janitor sweeps the discarded wrappers from the floor. Pleasant conversations are in progress, no need to whisper in this room. Surrounded by windows, the outside passerby’s peer in to witness absolutely nothing. The whirl of the vending machines cuts the silence in my isolated corner. A sea of blue tables and chairs stretches across the large room. A freeing atmosphere of relaxation and friendship. Blaring voices come from the speakers as someone is called to the office. Clanging metal is rung through the empty area. A draft sends goosebumps up my arm as the fans kick in. 

Setting #3) The deafening quiet rings through the room. The faint murmur of typing on a keyboard dances around the air. The small squeak of the double metal doors disrupts everyone’s focus. Best friends, and partners gather to whisper ideas across the room. The air feels cold from to much conditioning. People are standing for long periods just trying to make their selection. The pull of a chair across carpet brings attention to the individual. Pencils smack on the wooden tables. The room has a stressful yet relaxing feel. There’s only a few students here, all the others are in class. In any school this room is considered to be a room of pure knowledge.


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