The worst meal ever.

I’ve never really disliked sushi, but now with the way you described it, I think it’s downright disgusting. Good job on your descriptive words, it really helped picture the item in my head. And yeah, gas station sushi is never a good call.


The meal began with a clouded plastic cup being brought to our table. A smudged red stain covered the corner of the glass. The outer core of a sour, seeded citrus floated carelessly in the liquid. I decided not to touch it. The appetizer was abruptly flopped onto the table. It was brown in colour and smelled of stale barbecue. I picked it up by it’s rubbery skin and took a bite. immediately there was a raw juicy texture hovering in my mouth. I spit it out and saw a red stream running through the centre. I picked up a Different one, this time my teeth cracked down on something very hard. I tried to chew but the crunching would not go away, I spit this out as well. Fatty strings of cooked animal flew onto my plate. There was no way I was going to eat this.  The main…

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