Personal addition #14 car troubles


 so last week I got rear ended in my car at a stop sign. It was a pretty big hit. The guy didn’t stop and he hit me going 60km. Needless to say, my car is destroyed. So now I have to start looking for a new car. Which sucks. I now have to ask people for rides and get my parents to drive me places, I feel like I’m 15 again. Powerless. Dependant. Not to mention I have whiplash and I’m barred from playing rugby until my physiotherapist says it’s ok. I’m extremely upset about that fact. This season was supposed to be great for me, I’m on varsity, I’m a senior, and I’m one of the best tacklers in the team. Now I can’t do contact for at least 2 weeks. My freedom and my sport was taken away from me by a distracted driver. So to anyone reading this, don’t text and drive. No good can come from it.


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