6 word memoir # 6


  Someday I plan on moving out of Winnipeg. This doesn’t necessarily mean I will leave Canada. I just want to live somewhere universally known. I want to live in a place so big that it would take a life time to experience it all. It’s my dream. I want everything to be new and exciting, I want to learn new languages and experience new cultures. Yes, Winnipeg is a nice place to live, but I want to live somewhere where snow doesn’t exist. Somewhere with bright colours and clear skies. Or somewhere the seasons still change. If I’m being honest, I would miss autumn. It’s probably my favourite season. The leaves fall, and the colour changes. The weather is mild enough for sweaters. It’s a season you can’t experience everywhere. However this love won’t hinder my travels. I want to see the world I was created in, and Appreciate every aspect of it. 


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