Personal addition #7 Ireland pt. 1!


Over spring break I went with our school on a photography trip in Europe. We started our adventure in Ireland, Killarney to be more exact. Just driving 30 minutes to our hotel from the airport I saw more shades of green then I ever have in my entire life. The beautiful mountains looked like they were piercing the sky. The fields looked as though they would never end. The small towns we passed by looked like they were from a storybook. It was all too perfect to fully take in.  


Our first real day in Ireland we went on a trip called the ring of Kerry. Mainly this was a guided history tour through Kerry. We made stops along the way to take photographs and buy little knick knacks from gift shops. We also made a stop alongside of a mountain where we got to hold baby sheep. It was amazing. We also stopped at a beach where we could collect real sea shells.  


After we were finished with the tour we got to take a carriage ride around killarneys national park. We stopped at a castle in the middle where a wedding had just finished. Flowers were still covering the castle doors which only added to the appeal.  

   Later that night we were allowed to do a little exploring in downtown Killarney. We got ice cream in a little shop and just walked around looking in the shop windows. We actually found a shop that sold “the dress” needless to say we were all pretty amazed with our first day. 




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