6 word memoir #3

This is part of my confession category. I for the most part feel like a good person. however, I also feel like I’m trying my hardest to be a good person because I’m afraid I’m not. I don’t know what this feeling is or where it came from, but I fear that I’m an not how people see me. I fear, that I’m a bad person. Which is why I do hundreds of hours of volunteering, and always do my best to make people happy. I will always push myself to be a better person until I know for sure that I am. Even if I’m not a completely good person now or in the future, I know I am not the worst. I think the fact that I worry about this so much is a good thing. I work to change, to improve how others see me, and how I see myself.


One thought on “6 word memoir #3

  1. Reblogged this on darien james and commented:
    This is a situation I can relate to. I’ve said and done a lot of things that I’m not proud of. Right now I don’t think that I’m the person I thought I was until I had my eyes opened, or the person I want to be. I struggle interacting with people and being kind because for a long time protecting myself was putting people down so they wouldn’t be in a threatening position anymore. I did it in a way I learnt a long time ago, but I hadn’t realized I had that negative an effect on people until the end of last semester. Now I’m really making an effort to change the way I talk to people, and it has been a continuous struggle; I didn’t realize what a habit it is or how hard it is to get out of it, but seeing and feeling the difference has made me so much happier and allowed me personal growth which is something I truly value.


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