Personal addition #3 Fashion show 

This weekend we had our schools senior fashion show. Every student involved had spent months preparing fun dances that would all be preformed in 2 hours. Needless to say everyone was excited. Of course a bunch of us were nervous, nothing big, just stage fright. I am one of those people. I literally freeze when I’m scared. I don’t know why, ever since I was a kid I could never preform in front of an audience. But I worked up all the courage I had, and preformed my 90’s and 2010’s dances. When your  on stage you completely forget you’re being watched by 700 people. By the end I actually felt pretty proud to have completed such a large milestone in grade 12. I deffinately know that I will never forget sturgeons grad fashion show. I can’t wait for the next grade 12 milestone!


2 thoughts on “Personal addition #3 Fashion show 

  1. So proud and actually inspiring to me that you conquered a fear in the process of having fun! You did an amazing job during Fashion Show, Melissa!!

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