Reading reflection #1

Book: The madness underneath
Author: Maureen Johnson
Page: 189

C: I consider this book to be a slow read. I usually breeze through the books I read, however with this particular book I’m taking my time. I am carefully reading every page to make sure I don’t miss anything important to the story. In the first book they would answer questions before we even had them. Meaning they would causally tell us the plot twist before revealing it near the end. In this book I think the author is doing the same thing. So far I have found most of my questions answered just by looking back over old pages.

Q: One of my questions was “Does Rory know how she feels and how to cope with what’s going on in her life”. That question was secretly answered in the beginning of the book. Rory talks to her therapist without really revealing anything about her feelings. Which means she knows what her feelings are and how she feels about them. Rory also knows how to hide them. How to not show them to the person who is being paid to pull apart her mind. She repairing herself without letting anyone else know. So she does know how to cope with her feelings it’s just taking some time. It’s not like she can tell anyone the truth. That would make her seem crazy.Would you really believe someone if they told you “Hey I can see ghosts, and there was this one ghost who was actually a serial killer. I had to stop him using a device that works with frequencies. Said ghost then stabbed me in the process, which gave me PTSD that I have to process alone. Oh and did I mention my body now works like the frequency device which really sucks because one of my best friends is a ghost and now he can’t come near me.” Or would you think they’re crazy? I think I would be skeptical at first if one of my friends told me this, but I wouldn’t completely write them off as crazy. I am just wondering now if she can handle the pressure.

Q: Will Rory recover academically? On top of everything Rory is having trouble catching up in school. She is in her senior year of high school and can’t seem to keep up with everyone else. Exams are right around the corner and everyone is talking about college applications. It is extremely important that Rory pulls her work together. After all the only reason she is even in London is to attend private school. Even though she is trying to hold herself together with tape and glue. Rory must put aside her worries and focus on school.
The writer did a wonderful job capturing the thought process of a pressured student. She details how Rory is so overwhelmed that she’s shutting down her mind in class and procrastinating her work, because it’s too much to deal with. Most students feel this way when under pressure, that’s why most nights before a test we find ourselves getting distracted by things we wouldn’t normally care about. Personally my room is always the cleanest around exam week.

P: I think the Author is going to bury Rory with an entirely new problem. I believe Rory will forget about her school work and immerse herself into a world of ghosts and drama. As a reader I think that would be in the characters best interest. She’s drowning right now and she needs something or someone to pull her out.

TQ: I do believe in ghosts. No one knows what happens after death. Some souls may choose to stay on earth, some may choose to leave. It’s completely unknown what happens to us once we’ve died. I’d like to believe that there’s something else. Something more. I don’t believe in those ghost hunting shows, but I believe people when they say they’ve seen things they can’t explain. The whole “other side” thing is a mystery, so how can we be sure there’s no such thing as ghosts.


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