Quick write #1: DIY Rolemodel

1) Ed Sheeran, for his unrelenting passion. He pours every ounce of his soul into his music, he gives deep meanings to simple words, and earth-shattering emotion into basic cords.

2)Amir Blumenfeld & Jake Hurwitz, these two are a brilliant comedy team. They bring me joy whenever I’m sad. I highly recommend their podcast “if I were you” they give some pretty crazy advice that actually helps.

3)BeyoncĂ©, most people will say her because of her beauty, talent, and body. I say her because of her heart. She is so kind to those around her and she’s a loving mother and wife. She tells people that they matter. That their dreams will come true if they apply themselves and put in the work. She’s one of the few people who are completely good.

4)Misha collins, because he has a loveable quality that radiates off him. He jokes around to keep the mood light no matter how he feels. He is enjoying life to the fullest with his family, and I think that’s amazing

5)Taylor Swift, for her strength. Everyday she is bombarded with comments about her personal life and how she shouldn’t talk ill of her ex’s in songs. It’s a ridiculous double standard. People bash their ex’s all the time, and just because she channeled her angry and pain into songs that makes her a crazy person. It doesn’t. She ignores what people say and continues go make wonderful music for others to connect to. I admire her for her strength and her ability to take the high road.


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