My Average Identity

Honestly there’s not much to tell. I’m a typical high school student. I am highly involved in the social aspect of school. Meaning, I am an executive member of our schools student council, Editor of design for the school yearbook, and a member of the GSA. I mostly try to stay out of the spotlight. I don’t really play sports, except for Rugby. I basically use Rugby as a way to get out all of my teenage angst and confusion. Let me tell you, if you ever feel stressed, kicking the crap out of an opposing rival really has a way of mellowing you out. I am whole-heartedly passionate about media production and film making. I truly see that as one of my career options once I leave high school. I am taking creative writing so I can expand my creative process and hopefully create better projects in film.  Other than that there’s really nothing else. I’m pretty average on paper; Honour roll grades, above  average absences, and  notable volunteer hours. Well…that’s me. That’s all I have to say.


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